C.A. stands for Cameron Alexis, but most people call me Alex. One could say I wear many hats, literally: I’m a writer, reporter, and youth pastor, among other things, and you’ll rarely find me without a hat on. But above all this, I’m God’s kid, always seeking an unreserved dependence on Christ.

Welcome to my website. I’m grateful you stopped by.

I first claimed this site in college as a portfolio of my written work. In the years since its founding, it has gradually manifested into my own digital world of reflection—a haven of sorts where I write about the goings-on of my mind and heart for anyone curious enough to read about them.

The essays I share here are primarily inspired by the interests and insights I’ve garnered throughout my time as a writer, freelance reporter, youth pastor, and perpetual student: I received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Houston in 2017 and a Master’s in Humanities and Social Thought at New York University in 2019. I am currently enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary pursuing a Master’s of Theology.

An invaluable truth I’ve discovered in life is this: the world will tell each of us who we are if we don’t actively declare it ourselves. In contemplating Matthew 5:14, “…a city set on a hill cannot be hidden,” I now consider this online journal the line I cast out into the universe for anyone in need of encouragement in their own pursuits of courage, vulnerability, and the kind of hope that endlessly reaches beyond the fallacies of fear.

I hope you’ll stick around for a while. Don’t forget to introduce yourself.

Photo by Trey Strange.

Photo by Trey Strange.