C.A. stands for Cameron Alexis, but most people in my life call me Alex. One could say I wear many hats, literally: I’m a writer, editor, journalist, and musician, among other things, and you’ll rarely find me without a hat on. But above everything, I’m a follower of Christ.

Welcome to my website. I'm glad you stopped by.

I created this digital corner during my undergraduate years at the University of Houston, where I studied journalism and creative writing, as a portfolio of my written work. In the years that followed, I worked as a reporter and freelance writer. This site then manifested into my hand-crafted world where I could reflect the goings-on of my mind and heart for anyone curious enough to read about them. Since attending New York University for graduate school, I now consider it the line I cast out into the universe for anyone in need of encouragement, as well as an honest reflection of my pursuit of courage, vulnerability, and an unreserved dependence on Christ.

I hope you'll stick around for awhile. Be sure to introduce yourself here

Photo by Trey Strange.

Photo by Trey Strange.