My name is Cameron Alexis Meyer. I'm a writer, reporter, Christ follower, and native Houstonian living in New York City. One could say I wear many hats, literally. Welcome to my personal website. I'm honored you stopped by.

I created this little online space my junior year of college at the University of Houston, where I studied journalism and creative writing, as a portfolio of my written work. During the following years I spent working as a reporter and freelance writer, this site manifested into my own hand-crafted world where I could reflect the goings-on of my mind and heart for anyone curious enough to read about them. I now consider it the line I cast out into the universe for people who think, love, and live like me: in pursuit of courage, vulnerability, and authenticity in a culture that popularizes the opposite. 

I hope you'll stick around for awhile, and be sure to introduce yourself here